Monday, December 17, 2012

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One of the things I use this email tree for is to provide the media with small business contacts around the state. If you are interested in talking to the media on issues that impact small business please let me know. Be sure to provide all your contact information .

December 15 was the deadline for states to indicate their desire to set up Exchanges as outlined in the Affordable Care Act. The numbers I have seen are that 17 states including California will be establishing an Exchange in their state. 30 states have including ,Texas and Florida , indicated that they will not and therefore will be under the Federal Plan. To a large degree the decisions follow party lines with many Republican Governors indicating they will not be doing so. Do you think Do you agree with California’s decision to set up an Exchange?’

The Senate is looking at eliminating the filibuster. As you know legislation in the Senate can be stopped by a filibuster of minority Senators. The issue here is should the Senate be able to pass legislation with 51 votes What do you think of this? The Democrats contend that this would eliminate gridlock and the Republicans believe this would thwart the voice of the minority. Just out of curiosity do you know the difference between Cloture and a filibuster?

Last do you know what is the largest industry in the world? Many think it is oil or maybe the automobile industry. Actually it is insurance which is about $4.6 trillion and 7% of the world’s economy.

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