Friday, August 31, 2012

SB863 Urgent Action Needed Now/ SB 969/SB1234

I have sent emails to you regarding a major workers compensation reform bill SB863[De Leon]/. This bill will increase benefits which have been too low since the passage of 899 in 2004 and it will be more than paid for by cost saving in the system.

Small Business California and 19 other associations have sent a support letter.

In a letter from State Fund yesterday they said if the legislation passes they will recommend a 5% to 7% decrease in their rates. While numbers vary on the savings and cost State Fund has said after the benefit increase there will be a $543 million cost savings.

I am writing to ask all of you to sign onto a letter of support for SB 863. All you need to do is agree to this by return email and send me your company name and location. You will get a copy of the letter after we have all the names. This is your chance to make a difference.

In other legislation

SB 323. Small Business California has successfully gotten an amendment to this bill which would have previously required all existing LLCs to refile based on the new LLC rules in the bill. I encourage you to look at the bill to determine whether you would like to take advantage of the new rules but I suspect most of you will not want the additional cost. I estimate conservatively this will save over $1 billion for the business community.

SB969. This is the Pet Bill legislation that would have set up a state bureaucracy and provided an avenue for lawsuits against Pet Groomers. While animal abuse should never be tolerated there have been relatively few in the state and in our opinion is a solution looking for a problem. This bill is dead.

SB 1234- This is a bill that would have required all businesses with 5 employees to set up a retirement plan. This bill is dead.

SB2408- This bill would repeal the Net Operating Carry Back. Small Business California and 34 associations signed a letter opposing this. There were also 101 of you that signed a joint individual business letter. While this is not officially dead it does not appear to have the two thirds votes it needs

Please agree to sign the letter supporting SB 863

Scott Hauge


Small Business California

2311 Taraval Street

San Francisco, CA 94116


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Anonymous said...

How is the creation of three new bureaucracies good for small business?