Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SF Tax/ SF Made

I talked to Ben Rosenfield on Friday and he and Ted Egan would like to put together a meeting of small businesses that will be impacted by the discussions on the change of SF payroll tax to a gross receipts tax. Especially people who are not paying the payroll tax and those paying $25 for the license fee.

The proposed gross receipts tax would be for all businesses than have gross receipts of $250000 or more. If your payroll is less than $250000 you currently do not pay the payroll tax however your gross receipts could be $250000 or more so you would be impacted by this new proposal.

If you are currently paying $25 for the business registration your fee would increase to $150.

Those of you that are paying the payroll tax would be welcome to attend to discuss how these changes effect you.

If such a meeting were put together would you attend?

I recently joined an organization called SF Made. This is a dynamic organization run by Kate Sofis. Their Mission is to build a vibrant manufacturing sector in SF. They have over 300 members and they are doing some incredible things.

On Saturday I took a tour of 3 of three companies who are members. First Heath Ceramics who has taken over a building with about 60000 square feet. They are developing a new manufacturing, retail and showroom facility which will open this summer.

Second we visited Ohio Design studio, makers of innovative and modern furnishings. Third Southern Pacific Brewing SFs newest brewery.

We all know SF is an expensive place to do business but in spite of this there is tremendous opportunities for locally owned manufacturers.

I encourage all of you to take a look at SF Made website www.sfmade.org

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