Friday, October 07, 2011

NLRB Posters/ AB29/Regulations

The National Labor Relations Board has postponed the requirement for a posting of workers’ rights to unionize. Originally scheduled for Nov 14th, it has been delayed to January 31,2012. As the January date comes closer Small Business California will send you the information on where to get the required poster.

Yesterday, the Governor signed AB 29 setting up the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development. Small Business California was a strong supporter of this legislation as we believe the world’s eighth largest economy must have an office focused on bringing business and jobs to California. The Office of Business and Economic Development will replace in statute the current Governor Office of Economic Development, which was created by Executive Order. It appears that Joel Ayala will continue to be the Director.

As you know, regulations are a problem for California Small Business. Legislators and the Governor have committed to deal with this problem. Are you seeing any change in attitudes from regulators? Do you see enforcement increasing, decreasing or staying about the same? Have you been audited by a state agency and what were the results of that audit. I am particularly interested in whether you have seen a crack down on classification of independent contractors.

Scott Hauge
Small Business California
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