Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Update! Emergency Action Plan - Cal OSHA

Yesterday, in my email I mentioned that all businesses are required to have an emergency action plan. For details on what is required see link below. Failure to do so makes an employer subject to citations by Cal OSHA. However, I have verified from the Department of Industrial Relations that there is no enhanced efforts to go after employers for lack of compliance

Speaking of Cal OSHA I am surprised how many businesses are not aware that if they have employees they are required to have an Injury and Illness Prevention Plan. This plan among other things requires you to identify a Safety Manager, put forth a statement of Safety Policy , an investigation of safety hazards and accidents. It is also required that it be effective meaning you need to make sure your employees are aware of this plan. For information on how to put a plan in place I suggest you contact your insurance broker.
This is one of the most common citations for Cal OSHA and can mean fines up to $5000.

Yesterday Small Business California’s sponsored bill SB 826[Leno] passed the Assembly on a bipartisan vote. It will now go to the Governor where it is expected he will sign it. This bill implements modest fines of claims administrators. The reason for the bill was that there was a lack of compliance by many claims administrators to the Workers Compensation Information System as required by law. The WCIS is involved in making workers compensation policy and the lack of information makes it difficult to make good policy. This was even supported by claims administrators and virtually had no opposition

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