Monday, March 28, 2011

AB 400/ Christine Baker Named Director of DIR

Small Business California tries to position itself as a proactive organization and I personally want to do the same.

There are times however that we just have to say no. Such is the case with AB 400[MA].

While the Board of SB Cal has not taken a formal position I fully expect we will do so this week.

AB 400 would require after 7 days of employment in a calendar year that employees will start accruing one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked. This time can be taken after 90 days of employment.

Businesses with less than 10 employees will be required to pay up to 40 hours of paid sick leave and those over 10 will be required to pay up to 72 hours.

Employers will be required to post notices of this and keep track of hours worked. They will also be required to notify employees of how much time they have available for paid sick leave.

In a time when California is looking to reduce regulatory burdens on small business it is amazing that not only has this bill been introduced but it has a good chance of passage.

For more information go to www.smallbusinesscalifornia .org If you would like to write a letter of opposition and want a sample letter please let me know.

Also let me know your zip code. I honestly believe this is the most significant bill in this session for small business and we must get our voices heard.

On the positive side our good friend Christine Baker has been named to head up the Department of Industrial Relations.

Small Business California a strong supporter of Christine and spoke out for her appointment. In our meeting with Labor Secretary Morgenstern we asked him to support her. Christine has served as the Director of the Commission on Health Safety and Workers Compensation where we have worked closely with her and Judge Lach Taylor.

Small Business California in 2008 named Christine a Small Business Hero.

Congratulations Christine and we look forward to working with you in your new position.

Scott Hauge
Small Business California
2311 Taraval Street
San Francisco, CA 94116

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Joe Burgess said...

Scott -
I strongly agree on your position re: AB 400. The entitlement driven legislative process ultimately diminishes the number of competitive businesses that make those entitlements possible. I also do work in Nevada - I know how much that state, and others, depends on bills such as this to draw businesses away from California. Will share your comments with others.
Christine Baker should be a plus. John Duncan was aware of business issues. I hope Christine's experience with CHSWC will help her in understanding the challenges facing California Workers' Compensation, The recent studies on liens and compound drugs were encouraging.

Joe Burgess