Monday, February 14, 2011

HR 3

HR 3 [Chris Smith NJ Republican] was introduced Jan 20 and would put restrictions on abortion.

Without going into the details of the bill it appears it would eliminate the tax credits under the new health law and could eliminate the deduction for employer sponsored health insurance.

In fairness to Mr Smith he says it won’t eliminate the deduction but law professors have said it was unclear.

There are 205 cosponsors and it appears it will pass in the House but will have problems in the Senate and certainly would be vetoed by the President.

If you want to learn more about the bill and whether your Congressman is a cosponsor go to

Once a year I ask small business people to give me the names of people in government that have helped small businesses. This can be an elected official or a government employee. If you send me their names and what they have done I will send a thank you letter from Small Business California. I will include your name in the thank you.

Wednesday will be the last day of Small Business California’s survey. We have over 1300 responses so far. If you haven’t completed the survey go to

Thank you to all that have completed. The results will be on our website the end of the week.

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