Monday, March 08, 2010

Proposition 16 June Ballot

PG&E will be putting on the ballot Proposition 16. This measure will require a two-thirds voter approval before local governments provide electricity service to new customers or establish a community choice electricity program using public funds or bonds.

Questions: Were you aware this would be on the June ballot? Do you support or oppose this initiative?

Last week I heard from Tony Wilkinson of the National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders that the Senate has put forth an amendment that would provide $560 million for the SBA to provide 7a and 504 loans with a 90% guarantee and waives the fees on these loans for the calendar year. This is on top of the $60 million that is now in place with the extender legislation that was passed a couple of weeks ago. Small Business California has been at the for front of this effort along with our partners at the National Small Business Association.

Small Business California has delivered the results of our survey to every House member from California and the Governor’s office. We will be sending the surevey results this week to every member of the California legislature.

For the results for 2010 and the results of 2009 please visit our website at

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Small Business California
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Steve Thompson said...

I just singed up to recive your feed after I looked at the survey results. Though I didn't know of this survey before today, my answers wold have absolutely followed suit.
Thank you for posting the results. Now, what is to become of htese results?
As a small business onwer, we too are unable to borrow any money, and use our own savings to supplement the business that we are down, this year or last.
I can't say that the current administration has done anything that translates down to the true, small businessman, here in Cal or elsewhere.
Regarding Prop 16, I've got bigger fish to fry, like trying to navigate Employee Rights versus none for the small business owner. This is a seriouss problem, that must be fixed--it's my highest priority.
Thank you,
Steve Thompson
Cabana Home Stores fo California