Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SB 356 / Cal Cobra

SB 356 passed on a 6 to2 vote yesterday. This is the bill to give small business more input on regulations being put forth by state agencies. Supporting the bill was Aanestad,Correa,Negrete McLeod, Walters Wyland and Yee. Opposed was Florez and Romero. Senators Corbett and Oropeza did not vote.

This bill has a long way to go as it will go to Senate Appropriations and will most likely go to the Suspense File. It must come to the floor of the Senate by May 29th. The goal will be to get it out of Suspense and passed before that date. Thank you to all that wrote letters.
This was a major victory for small business and the small business coalition that has been formed. Small Business California through our lobbyist Lori Kammerer testified in support of the bill yesterday and her and I worked many of the members of the Committee. This bill is sponsored by the National Federation of Business and the California Small Business Association.
AB 23 passed yesterday in Senate Appropriations yesterday and will go to the Senate Floor. It will then go back to the Assembly for concurrence and then to the Governor.

This is the bill that will implement Cal COBRA’s ability to comply with provisions of the economic stimulus package. As most of you know Cal COBRA applies to businesses with 2 to 19 employees and this bill will allow the 65% subsidy for employees on their COBRA health insurance who have been involuntarily laid off from September 2008.

The notices should be going out to those employees shortly after the Governor’s signature. These notices and the subsidy will be handled by insurance carriers.

Scott HaugePresident
Small Business California
2311 Taraval StreetSan Francisco, CA 94116


Angela H. said...

I just called Conexis. They said to me "I DONT THINK CALCOBRA QUALIFIES FOR STIMULUS" - so they have not received an official notice on this bill yet. Until they do, there's nothing that can be done for us. And guess what? My next bill is due TODAY! It is very unfair that California had to wait longer than anyone else, even know the bill was passed federally! Very unfair that I paid through the nose in back payments for the previous months that I never even used insurance(Cobra policy), just to be put on a back burner and watch all that money melt away as the politicians take their time to read the file for the first, second, third, time and drag it on and on and on!!! I am glad to have found your site and at least I know now that the bill has passed. But that doesn't end there.

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