Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Small Business Survey Results / NSBA

The results of our survey are in. 616 of you completed the survey and we received at least one survey from every county in the state.

Some of the findings are:
85% say the state is generally heading in the wrong direction
81% say the economy for small business is poor or very poor
61% of you said your revenues were declining
52% said you are reducing employees or reducing employee hours.

As for issues:
Health Insurance-80% said this was the top or high priority
Quality of Public Education- 70% said this was the top or high priority
Regulations- 61% said this was the top or high priority
Repairing State Infrastructure- 61% said this was the top or high priority
Access to Capitol-57% said this was the top or high priority
Awarding State Contracts to Small Business- 57% said this was the top or high priority.
See complete survey results by going to our website www.smallbusinesscalifornia.org

I would like to thank Jim Ross and Jim Ross Consulting in SF for all the help he has provided us in making this survey possible.

Our partner the National Small Business Association is asking for help in developing a website on how small business owners are dealing with the increasing cost of health insurance.NSBA would appreciate any help you can provide and maybe you would be willing to provide a profile. See below. If I can provide any additional information please give me a call.

Scott HaugePresidentSmall Business California2311 Taraval StreetSan Francisco, CA 94116shauge@cal-insure.com415-680-2188

NSBA is in the process of developing a Web site which will focus on how small-business owners are dealing with the increasing cost of health insurance. The site will include information about NSBA's health care policy, resources and other policy statements that are in-line with NSBA's (including documents from NSBA CORE members), links to relevant legislation, data and statistics from both outside sources and the NSBA health care survey (see below), and profiles of small-business owners on the challenges they're facing.

I'd greatly appreciate any input you might be able to provide--reports, studies, statements from your organizations, etc... I'd also like to ask for your help in getting out two requests to some of your folks.

1) We're in the process of getting small-business profiles and, ideally, would like to get a high-resolution picture of the business. We're only looking for a brief description of the challenges their business is facing in coping with the costs of health care - anything from 3 sentences to 2 paragraphs will be perfect and we don't have to have a picture. These profiles can be e-mailed directly to me at mbrogan@nsba.biz. I've attached the e-mail request I used here for you.

2) The survey link below is active until middle-to-late next week. If you can send this survey along to any of your members, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions. Thank you in advance for your help on this!


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