Friday, May 04, 2007

Supreme Court Finally Sets Guidelines For Apportionment Cases

From: Scott Hauge

Sent: Friday, May 04, 2007

Subject: Supreme Court Finally Sets Guidelines For Apportionment Cases

This is a major decision for employers. Had the discussion been different it would have undermined the reforms of 2004. The outlook on workers compensation cost is very positive and we await hearing what rate decreases the companies will file for July 1. The Insurance Commissioner held this hearing yesterday on the pure loss rate and will be coming out with his recommendations shortly. The Bureau has recommended 11.3%. Since the reforms in 2003 the average work comp rate has gone from $6.47 to $3.25.

Last year, I started a program of asking small business people who in Government have been helpful to the small business cause. Please send me who you think should be recognized and I will send a letter to them from Small Business California and acknowledge your nomination. From my perspective, the names that jump out are:

-Luanne Morikawa in Senator Mark Ridley Thomas' office for help on SB 869 ( SB Cal Workers' Comp Bill ).
-Herb Schultz, John Ramey, and Richard Figuroa in the Governor's office for their outreach to us on the Governer's Health Plan.
-David Panush from Senator Perata's office for his outreach to us on the Senator's Health Plan.

Please make sure your nominee is in state government.

Scott Hauge
Small Business California

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