Thursday, October 19, 2006

Assembly & Senate Vote

From: Scott Hauge
Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2006 11:11 AM
To: Small Business California
Subject: FW: Assembly & Senate Vote

This is a long email but actually very important and a quick read. We have listed the most important bills to Small Business California this and the votes of every legislator in the state. Find your legislator in the Assembly and the Senate and see how they voted.
If you talk to them or their staff thank them for there votes.

Scott Hague President Small Business California
phone: 415 680-2188
"The voice of California Small Business"

Supported Bills:
-AB32 [Pavley/Nunez] Landmark emissions reduction legislation. SB-Cal was the first CA business organization to support this legislation and we lobbied in Sacramento to insure passage noting the importance of balancing emissions reduction with incentives for CA businesses to exchange lost profits wasting energy for investments that will pay for themselves through lower energy costs. This bill puts the CA Clean Tech sector on the forefront to maximize innovation and new job creation in the race to supply the world with alternative energy technologies
-AB2098 [Liu] Sponsored-Creates an electronic Funds Task Force which requires to examine California's current payment dispersal practices and determine opportunities for increased cost savings and user friendliness utilizing new EFT technology. Passed and awaiting Governors signature
-AB 2330 [Arambula] Requires through the Small Business Advocate to do a study of the cost of state regulations for small business. Passed and signed by the Governor
-AB3058 [Arambula] The bill will assist small businesses in developing a disaster plan- Passed and signed by the Governor
-SB1436 [Figueroa] Sponsored-Which will assist small businesses in complying with state regulation and requires state agencies to designate a liaison for small businesses to work with It also requires the department of Technology Services to create and maintain a user friendly website. Passed and signed by the Governor

Bills Opposed:
-SB 815 [ Perrata] Doubling of temporary disability payments on workers compensation claims. This bill would have dramatically increased workers comp rates over three years Passed and vetoed by the Governor

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